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Plancha cooking is a friendly style of cooking where the pleasure of sharing a good meal with family and friends comes first. Because the Plancha is so quick and easy to use, everyone can learn to improvise a meal, cook the finest dishes and enjoy memories of evenings in good company. At 49 cm long x 42 cm wide, the 2 Burner Bosston Plancha grill allows you to serve a dozen guests at the same time without any problem!

Plancha cooking is quick and easy and requires very little preparation time. The griddle reaches temperatures of 300°C with its two  S/S burners. Thanks to the 5mm thick Enamel Coated Steel Plate, the heating ower and the accurate temperature control ensure that very precise cooking is very easy to achieve.

Plancha cooking is suitable for a wide range of ingredients: whether marinated in advance or in their natural state, every cut of meat is enhanced by Plancha cooking. Red meat is seared so that the inside remains pink while white meat stays juicy and tasty. Fish turns golden without burning, preserving the delicacy of its flesh and its taste. Fine or small ingredients like shellfish, vegetables and fruit cook in their own juices, maintaining incomparable texture and flavour.

Unlike barbecues, gas-heated Plancha cooking involves no direct contact of ingredients with flames. Ingredients are “seared” to keep in all their flavour and minerals while any fat from cooking drains away into the grease tray. Cooking where there is no contact with flames and no added fat produces light, balanced food with all the benefits of healthy cooking.


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