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Crossray Inbuilt infrared burners Built-in - TCS4FL

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  • CROSSRAY Infrared Burners 4 x 11MJ/hr,
  • 304 Stainless Steel lid front & rear body panels
  • Die cast aluminium side and end panels
  • LED illuminated control knobs
  • Temperature gauge - Includes In-built mounting frame kit
  • Easy to access drain tray
  • LPG (Bottle Gas)  - National Gas (Mains Gas) Kit available

The Crossray is a patented system that uses infrared burners mounted at the sides of the barbeque, angled up at the cooking surface. Because the burners are infrared, they have more direct performance to traditional open flame burners. In a very simplified exclamation a standard burner pushes heat out a bit like a standard torch push out light in an arc , where as infrared works more like a laser pointer, direct beam 




The makers of CROSSRAY say the infrared burners are more efficient and cook faster than traditional burners due to the fact that the Infrared heat penetrates your food, cooking it from the inside out, whereas an open flame just heats the air around it – ultimately drying out your food.. So your food is ready sooner and you use less gas. As the burners are not directly beneath the cooking surface, fat and juices drain away, reducing smoke and virtually eliminating the flare ups that char your food, leaving the inside uncooked.

Check out the Crossray Brochure to see more of its features


910mm(W) x 505mm(D) x 560mm(H)


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